Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh, dear.

I started this blog a while back, with the intention of bringing an ecological disaster to the attention of the public. And then I didn't post anything on it. That's a bit of silliness, really.

Okay, wow, letsee here. Update: they closed the valve that was letting all that water out of the lake. Yay!!!!!!

But the thing is, all the other bad stuff that's negatively impacting the lake is still poopy happening. Like, okay, there's this creek. Is it Pine Creek? Like, it's supposed to flow into the lake. But some stupid people are diverting it so it creates these dumb, artificial wetlands. It's supposed to be some bird sanctuary? Or something? But the thing is, this is drying up the lake and killing off all the birds that live on the lake. It doesn't make any sense.

And PG&E is still cloud-seeding a nearby lake - Lake Almanor. Or however that's spelled. I probably should look it up, cuz here I am spouting ignorance about a nearby lake whose spelling I can't even get correct.

But, anyway, as a result of the metals and shit that PG&E puts in the clouds to make it rain over Lake Almanor, a bunch of people that live on that lake are getting health problems. Fuckity fuck. So PG&E is contributing to the destruction of one lake (cuz the cloud seeding takes rain away from nearby Eagle Lake), and the poisoning of the populace on the other lake. That seems really dumb to me.

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