Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post #1

There's a lake in California, sort of in the Northern parts, not too far from Reno. It's big and beautiful and filled with all these wonderful birds. Ooops, wait, well, I mean, it used to be. Now it's turning into a big mudhole, and I'm very sad. I thought I'd start a nice little blog to advocate for our nice lake cuz here's the thing.

The thing is there are a bunch of greedy assholes and corrupt political folks that are destroying this beautiful ecosystem so they can make a little money. (I'll explain how they're doing it later). I mean, it's like, thanks, guys. Wow, thanks.

So, as a result, the businesses that depend on vacationers and fishermen are losing tons of money. The property values of all the houses on the lake have gone way, wayyyy, down. So, it's like, all the greedy, rich powers-that-be folks are not only killing a beautiful lake and all the animals that live in it, but they're ruining a bunch of people's livelihoods and messing up people's investments, too. It all sucks so very much that I can't stand it.

I dunno if anybody'll read this here blog, but I have to do something about this horrible tragedy. I'm sick of sitting around, being sad. Maybe if enough people find out about this, we can do something about it and not let all these greedy assholes (I'll tell you who they are later) get away with murder. Yeah, that sounds good.

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